Interior Vision

The culmination of a 5-week residency at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

Through an interrogation of form and light, this series is a dedication to the consolation and identity formation found within domestic spaces. Our hidden emotions, anxieties and longings are expressed through the objects we surround ourselves with, and the home acts as a custodian of our authentic selves. In these works, nostalgic qualities of light and colour are utilised as a beacon of comfort, while the interplay between shadow and illumination reveal the tensions and conflicts which abound.

The impact of Covid-19 demanded that this project had to come to terms with the six-week interruption in the normal function of the home. The lockdown saw us confined to our interior sanctuaries. We turned our homes into multifunctional spaces: offices, restaurants, schools; places to entertain and distract us from the outside calamity.

In these works, normality can be seen, teeming with exaggeration and frivolity for visual intrigue. You will see a window into the artist’s lockdown: daydreams, baking, rituals of cleaning, and unease increasing at the prospect of this unique time of peace and reflection ending.